Monday, January 11, 2010

Spring cleaning. (in the middle of the winter)

Just moved.

So as things are put into place they are being evaluated, to be placed on shelf etc or long time storage (The local recycle place).

I have alot of PCB's with just one or two components on that i might could use some other time.

So this evning some time was spent on desoldering some of these components to be able to discard the rest of the PCB.

A 150W gutter soldering irong works, though not for relays and things that size.

What I mainly has harvested has been switches, high voltage caps 3.5 mm female jacks.

Also got a couple of shelfs put together for a place for some of my instruments.

The main idea .. more room for usable "stuff" and get rid of the rest.

.. easy said .. hard to do ..

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  1. That is awesome that you are doing what your loving wife asked you to do:)