Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sprat-on-CD + IPhone + Aji Reader PDF + local webserver = Sprats on IPhone

I received my copy of "Sprat-on-CD" yesterday.

First thought was how to read them when away from my computer.

Second made a backup copy to an USB flash stick.

I do not own an ereader, though i do own an IPhone 3G .. think think ..
Into Appstore i went for a PDF reader that could download/fetch PDF documents from a web server.
I chose the Aji Reader PDF, mainly due it is free (8

Due to i'm running FreeBSD on my computers i had to setup a webservice, i chose cherrypy and compased a small index function.

Basicly any webserver that can produce an index and server the files can be used.

Go to "Fetch" enter the address on the webserver.

145 taps later I now have Sprat issues 1 to 140 on my IPhone to read when ever I like.

What I have learned about the Aji Reader PDF is as follows:
1) When restarting the app it starts where one last read in a PDF.
2) Zoom to prefered view, then tap once about in the middle of the screen, then tap on the unlocked lock, it will now show up af locked, this means that one can only scroll up/down even when the finger scrolling is now straight up or down. To undo do the same as when locking.

This app could also be used for datasheet and so on.

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