Sunday, January 31, 2010

Centre-line tuned loop

After the daugther got a new bike (long time ago) and we recently had to move the old bike has to go to the recycle center.

Well i thought the front wheel would make a nice loop antenna.

In my search for possible options of came across:

1) "regular" top tuned and a coupling loop / gamma match.
2) G3LHZ's centre-line tuned loop with a twisted gamma match.

The first one takes that the rim is cut to fit the tuning capacitor. The second one looks better at first glance, since no cutting of the rim is needed.

Further more Mike's writes that the voltage over the tuning capacitor is lower due to this form of loops needs a higher capacitance.

In the document in CARC post, Mike talks about a 1,7m in diameter loop and 3300pf for using it on 160m. I wonder what I can get out of a 0.54m in diameter loop using centre-line tuned method?

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