Sunday, May 31, 2009

TS-120S under the soldering iron

I have changed D2, D3, and D8 with BAS32L's. Though at low output in CW mode it is somewhat stable on 80M, less stable on 40M and giving full ouput on 20M after initial keydown (I'm using the tx/rx on the front). Looks like SB-844 is the next thing to do. Though D8 is there allready, I have to look at the diagram to see how to do it.

I have now added the two extra diodes.
Next is testing to see if there is any changes.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Modifications on my TS-120S

Changed D2, D3 and D8. Due to the problem of full carrier after initial modualtion in SSB mode or first key down in CW.

I didn't have the suggested replacement diodes, so i changed all 3 to BAS32L smd (Don't ask how).

Poweron and RX works. Next is to test TX.

To do this i need a bigger PSU and a dummy load.

The PSU i can borrow from a fellow ham.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Is tx'ing possible with a pic16f84?

After seeing my simple 30m mept tx get to I and G, I have been thinking about if it would be possible to tx wspr using the same xo and buffer as I have been using in mept.
For the time coordination, I have thought about using a now shelf project that I used years ago. A DCF77 digiclock, slightly modified. I added a level converter for rs-232 levels. I used it for a ntp project. It gives time signals with about ~25ms accuracy.
First thing is to find out how to generate the 4-FSK coded signal.