Friday, May 1, 2009

Is tx'ing possible with a pic16f84?

After seeing my simple 30m mept tx get to I and G, I have been thinking about if it would be possible to tx wspr using the same xo and buffer as I have been using in mept.
For the time coordination, I have thought about using a now shelf project that I used years ago. A DCF77 digiclock, slightly modified. I added a level converter for rs-232 levels. I used it for a ntp project. It gives time signals with about ~25ms accuracy.
First thing is to find out how to generate the 4-FSK coded signal.


  1. Hi Soeren,

    YES you can build a WSPR TX with a PIC16F628.
    My standalone WSPR TX is ON AIR now for more than 1 year.
    See the WSPR Database.
    Want more infos ?
    I could post you a picture of my WSPR TX.

    peter dl6nl

  2. A link would be nice (8


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