Wednesday, July 8, 2009

VLF antenna


This my vlf antenna, yes it is a deguass coil from an old tv, an tl-074 as instrument amp and BPF ~400 Hz - ~100 KHz

Above is the instrument amplifier and BPF.

The thin black line is a demagnitising coil from an old TV, the picture is taking looking straight south


  1. Coolness. Is glfer running native on FreeBSD, with Linux emulation, or on a Linux box? I take it that your antenna and circuitry goes into your soundcard.

  2. Yes it is glfer running native on FreeBSD, though i have not yet committed it to the ports tree.
    Yes it is coil antenna, instrmument amplifier + amp (including a BPF) then into the mic in. The circuitry is supplied with a 9V battery

  3. SpecLab 2.7 seems to work fairly well with Wine on freebsd, too.