Wednesday, April 8, 2009

QRSs homebrewing

I'm tinkering with a "simple" so far it contains 4 BC547's

It is a mud of different designs.

The patterns generator has been made by Hans Summers.

The genneral idea was taken from a pixie2, thought the signal doesn't look to good.

A good lpf takes rather good care of that though.

The output RF level is about 40mW in 50 Ohm.

Bill Meara (n2cqr) hosts a great podcast, soldersmoke.

Vy 73 de OZ2DAK, Soeren


  1. Hi Soeren
    I came for a look at your blog.
    If the oscillator is wandering I wonder if you have it fed from a separate regulated voltage I don't see that on the Pixie circuit.
    A low voltage is best 5 Volts from a 7805.

  2. Yes i think that is one of the answers. i allready got an 7805 in there, for the pattern generator.